Catechism For Toddlers

For parents with toddler age children, here is a catechism set to help your children grow in their understanding and love for the Trinity, God's creation, other people and the Bible. 

Questions about God
1. Who is God? The Lord our God
2. What else is God? Nothing
3. How many persons is God? Three:
4. Who are they? Father, Son and Spirit
5. What is God like? Holy, loving, just and good
6. What is God? Creator

Questions about God’s creation
7. What did God make? Everyone and everything
8. Who made you? God made me
9. How did God make the world? By speaking words.
10. Why did God make the world? For his glory.
11. What did God say after making everything? Very good
12. What was God’s favorite creation? People

Questions about the Bible:
13. What is the Bible? The Word of God
14. What is the Bible like? True, beautiful and good
15. What do we do with the Bible? Read it and believe it

Questions about humanity
16. Who were the first people God made? Adam and Eve
17. Why did God make people? His glory and our joy
18. Who were the first people? Adam and Eve
19. What did God use make them? From the dust
20. How did God make them? Happy and holy

Questions about Jesus Christ
21. Who is Jesus Christ? Lord and Savior
22. Is Jesus God or a man? Both! God and man
23. Did Jesus sin? Never, not once
24. What is Jesus like? Holy, loving, just and good
25. Why did Jesus die? To save mankind
26. What did Jesus do for you? Died for my sins
27. How many sins did Jesus die for? All of them
28. Is Jesus still dead? No! He is alive!
29. Where is Jesus now? In Heaven, ruling the earth!
30. Is Jesus coming back to earth? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Questions about the Holy Spirit 
31. Who is the Holy Spirit? Our Comforter and Helper
32. Is the Holy Spirit God? Yes, equal to Father and Son
33. What does the Holy Spirit do? Keeps, convicts and guides us
34. How long will the Spirit keep, convict and guide us? Forever!