The Equipping Hour is a time dedicated to training ourselves to more faithfully serve Christ in our callings and lives. This time is used for equipping and training in theology, parenting, history, spiritual growth and disciplines, Christian thinking and living, ethics, evangelism, social issues, and more.

Upon completing a specific study, we normally break for a few weeks before beginning a new study or series.

Equipping Hour, when in session, is held on Sunday's at 9:30 a.m.

Beginning February 12, 2017 we will begin the semester, on the topic of Church History. This class will be taught by Job Dalomba. We will begin in 100 A.D. and cover through 300 A.D. with the formation and organization of the church with the first Apologists, the development of the earliest Confessions and Creeds, and the men who helped shape and form Christian theology deeper. We will also over the growth and expansion of the church at large, and learn more of the persecutions of these earliest days. We hope you will join us.