Introducing the Leadership & Theology Class

When our Lord ascended to Heaven to sit at the right hand of God, He called and commissioned His church to go and make disciples, those who would be called Christians. These disciples were to be gathered into smaller groups called churches. All of these would be part of a universal body with Christ Jesus as its head. In these churches, they were left with two primary ministries: the ministry of the Word and the ministry of deed. Christ’s church has two offices to fulfill each ministry. For the ministry of the Word, He has appointed pastors or otherwise known as elders. For the ministry of deed, He has appointed deacons. It is these officers the Lord has entrusted to lead in the administration of the spiritual and physical care of His church. Those who fulfill these offices are called to the position with the expectation to do the work that Christ has given them.  

While elders and deacons are given the charge to administer the spiritual and physical care and ministry for the Church of Christ, they are not solely responsible. The members of the congregation are to be equipped by the elders and served by the deacons to take up the day to day ministry of the church. All Christians are called to serve Christ in his church and in this world. Some are called to an official position within in the church, while are are called to care for God’s people and serve as salt and light among those in our communities, in their professions and in their homes and families. No matter our place or position we all are called to a ministry of word and deed. How then shall we fulfill this ministry that Christ has given us? 

This question is what drives the formation of the Leadership and Theology Class. The desire of this class is to equip elders, deacons and congregational leaders to serve in the ministry of Word and deed in all spheres of life. As our society continuously rejects and moves further away from Christianity and its ways, it is imperative that Christians take leadership responsibilities in our spheres of life. To do this, God’s people need equipping theologically, emotionally and purposefully. We need to fill our minds with right doctrine that will stir our hearts to love God and neighbor as we turn towards our neighbors and society to extend in our hands the grace and truth of Jesus Christ, for his honor and our joy.

Once a month, we will gather for two hours for prayer, teaching and discussion. The first hour will be spent hearing teaching on a particular theological doctrine, some historical context to the doctrine and its implications for the spheres of life that we all live in or interact with: we as individuals, the church, the family, the society and the government. The second hour will be for questions and answers, a discussion of the theological truths and implications and how church leaders must lead in light of this truth within our spheres of life and influence.

There will be a recommended reading list for church officers and lay leaders for personal use. For those who are required to attend the classes, there will also be hospitality requirements. We believe that one of the great means of God’s grace in drawing people to Himself is the hospitality of the Christian home. We desire for this class to equip and encourage us to practice monthly hospitality for Christian friends, non-Christian friends and de-churched Christian friends in the hope to strengthen the church, call the lost to Christ and restore the Christian without a church home. 

This class is open to all who would like to attend. If you would like to participate, please email Job Dalomba at through our church contact page or call 662-292-1289. 

Here is the schedule for Spring 2016

    •    February 3: Trinity, The God who leads us

    •    February 24: Orthodoxy, The confession of leaders

    •    March 30: Nobility, The desire of a noble task from the Pastoral Epistles

    •    April 27: Virtue, The character of leaders from God’s church

    •    May 25: Vocation, The work of leaders from God’s church