Catechism Questions for Toddlers Part 1

As a help to previous posts on family worship and helping your children as they participate in the worship service, here are some catechism questions for you to use to help in the process. There will be another part soon, but this is a good place to start. This catechism is designed to help wth children age five and under.

Questions about God
1. Who is God? The Lord our God

2. What else is God? Nothing

3. How many persons is God? Three:

4. Who are they? Father, Son and Spirit

5. What is God like? Holy, loving, just and good

6. What is God? Creator

Questions about God’s creation
7. What did God make? Everyone and everything

8. Who made you? God made me

9. How did God make the world? By speaking words.

10. Why did God make the world? For his glory.

11. What did God say after making everything? Very good

12. What was God’s favorite creation? People