24 Prayers for 2016

Yesterday in our sermon, our church was given 24 points of prayer from Job on behalf of the elders. It is the hope that each of these prayer points will aid each family and member of our church to prayer for themselves and one another in specific ways. The number of points, 24 is designed for you to be able to pray one point a day, six days a week. May God hear these prayers for His people and bless us abundantly. 

  1. Love and awe of God would increase
  2. Never forget God’s love for us
  3. Grow increasingly dependent on the Spirit’s help
  4. Prayer would grow increasingly important
  5. Love of Bible reading would increase and grow
  6. That we would take God at his word
  7. Quick to repent and obey
  8. That our sense of gratitude would increase
  9. That we would grow in fellowship with each other
  10. We would be quick: to encourage, to help and to listen
  11. We would be slow: to anger, to speak
  12. We would be prepared for living in hard times
  13. That we wouldn’t hate our enemies, but love them
  14. That we would welcome others as Christ has welcomed us
  15. Giving and generosity of time, wisdom and resources would increase
  16. Homes and relationships would be filled with patience, grace and joy
  17. Love and respect would increase in marriages: private and public
  18. Children will grow in love, respect and obedience towards parents
  19. That children will see the grace and responsibilities on their life
  20. Broken and weak relationships will be or begin to be restored
  21. For elders & deacons: Out of love for God, we will love our families with our full strength
  22. For elders and deacons: to remain faithful to our callings
  23. For me: to be quick to listen, repent and praise
  24. Rest securely: under Gods covenant with peace